Education is always changing, and it is important to stay up to date on new techniques and business practices. You will be successful when you choose to never stop learning and developing new skill sets to make your business flourish. I have a passion for educating and creating a solid foundation for lash artists. using the Asia Kay Curriculum you will get everything you need to be successful and ready for the lash industry.

You will be taught;

• Cleaning and preparation of the service
• Understanding natural lashes
• Cleanliness of the natural lashes
• Common eye infections
• Allergies and irritations
• Safety and sanitation
• Thicknesses, curls and lengths of lashes
• Lash styling
• Product Knowledge
• Lash aftercare

• Client communications
• Extension removal and fills
• Hands on practice (mannequin & model)
• Pictures
• Building clientele
• Social media
• Bottom lash application
• Marketing
• Pictures
• Building clientele


2 DAY 1:1 COURSE $1,200

You will be provided with a lash manual, class manual, a full lash kit filled with the best things, and get certified through Asia Kay.

MUST HAVE esthetician or cosmetologist license if applicable in your area.

One on One Trainings are now available. To book a training with me go to