Lash Artist Kylee Hershberger

About Kylee

My whole life I've always had a passion for making people feel beautiful, whether its in my personal relationships or in my business. Having my own struggles with the concept of "beautiful", it has furthered my understanding of the true meaning of beauty, which has driven my passion to serve my clients to make sure they are feeling the best version of themselves. After I got my license in Esthetics, I was completely drawn to lash extensions and became very passionate in my trade. There is no better feeling then when a client first opens their eyes and is blown away at how lashes can enhance their natural beauty. My clients walk out the door feeling more confident than when they came in and this is why I do what I do. 

My experience working for two different salons has made me grow as a person and a lash artist which has driven my passion to better myself so I can go above and beyond for my clients. Eyelashes aside, my biggest joy comes from developing personal relationships with every single person that comes through my door. Each client comes in with a different story to share and its always a pleasure getting to listen and learn from each of them. 

Inflori is to bloom, its change, and its the state of the greatest beauty or freshness. There are things in life that can break you, but that doesn't mean you won't bloom into something beautiful. To love and value all of your imperfections is what it means to fully flourish in your story. Like a flower we must open up and expose ourselves in order to fully blossom.